General Insurance

Motor -
Commercial fleets
Fire -
industrial special risk
Fire commercial
Private dwelling
Business interruption
Engineering -
Contractors special risk
Electronic equipment
Boiler pressure vessel
Erection of Machinery
Machinery all risk
Hull insurance
Passenger Liability
Aviation Liability


Miscellaneous Insurance
Workmen's compensation
Personal accident
Travel insurance
Fidelity grantee
Directors & Officers Liability
Public Product liability
Professional indemnity
Medical and Emergency Evaluations
Marine Cargo
Hull insurance
Pleasure craft
Protection & Indemnity

Life Insurance

Group Tem Life
Trauma/Critical illness
Loss of income

Claim services

At Kanda international insurance brokers, we pride ourselves on the way we support our business and personal clients when they need to make a claim. we understand that even the smallest claim can be a worry and a hassle. That is why we are aways available for help.

We have specially trained staff who will assist in your claims Management. We will have a fast turnaround on the claims submitted to us. Kanda international recognizes that our Client's insurance are realized when the insured event catastrophe occurs. Therefore, we are resourced to give you the maximum assistant possible at the time when you need us the most, claims time. Large claims can be managed in liaison with the appointed Loss Adjusters who are professionals in this area. Kanda International will also liaise closely with the Lawyers in resolving your claims at the most diligent and efficient manner. Remember that Kanda International will always act on behalf of the insured (Our Clients) not the insurers.

It is obvious that in the event of an incident which will or may give rise to a claim, a procedure must be adopted for the proper and expeditious conduct of the claim. By carefully following this procedure, the impact on your business operations will be minimized.

There are number of steps which must be taken following a loss:

Report the incident to the Kanda International office that looks after your insurance program, by telephone, facsimile or email - wherever practical, within 24 hours of the incident.

Regardless of whether or not the claim has been reported or a loss assessor appointed, you must immediately do whatever is necessary to prevent further loss of life or property damage.

It is impossible to give guidelines for procedures in every claim, simply because of the nature of accidents:

However, the general procedures for various major classes of insurance detailed above, can be relied upon to cover most circumstances. For any other claim involving other classes of insurance, please always contact your Kanda Insurance Brokers office without delay.

Risk Consulting

Our Services will be available in the areas of Risk Surveys and Risk Improvement Advice. We can plan full Self Insurances Programs designed to meet your specific need.

At Kanda International we recognize that Our Clients do not have to , Transfer Risks to Underwriters by buying Insurance Policies. They can save premiums by way of Risk Improvement Programs and Self Insurance Strategies. Our clients will be recommended to take out insurances on identified risks that can be too big to carry and are detrimental to their operation in the even these catastrophes occur.

Premium Funding

We have facilities available with Banks and Finance Institutions where premium can be obtained at very competitive rates. The procedure is very simple and is free of collateral.

Payment of insurance premiums annually in advance can place a financial strain on any business. In the current economic climate it is imperative that you optimise credit terms, allowing expense to be managed in the most efficient manner.

Spreading the cost of insurance premiums through a structured monthly repayment program produces the following benefits:

Please advise our office (Benn or Shamal if you require a quotation to fund your premiums.